While pictures can be hung on the wall, put in a wallet or given away as a gift, and thus make the memory tangible at any time, videos, after a while, certainly stay longer. Maybe someday you will only pick them up once a year, on the wedding day. Cuddled up on the couch, with a glass of wine or with the children together and someday grandchildren ... But such a video transports the atmosphere and the emotions in a way that no photograph ever could. Combined with music, sounds and perhaps words, one suddenly feels the sun again on the skin, tastes the wedding cake and remembers the relief after the yes-word.

It´s all about LOVE

Kenzie & Jo | Lanzarote

Engagement shoot on Lanzarote

Couple shoot in Florence

Rock & roll wedding at Gut Mönkhof

Kenzie & Jo | Its all about love

Engagementshoot in Hamburg

Urban wedding in Hamburg

Urban wedding in Hamburg



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Hamburg, Germany